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These handouts are for current North Star Judo students

Please print out this information and place it in your 'Basics of Judo' 3-ring binder which can be purchased for $25 from your instructor.

  All documents are pdfs which can be opened in your browser and printed.

My Promotion
Basic information and common questions about North Star Judo promotion testing.

Promotion Information Sheet
Please print and fill out prior to your testing date.

Personal Technique Check List Booklet
The Personal Techniques notebook filler should be an important part of your promotion planning and attainment. It is a tool for tracking your skills. Beginner level students will find it easy to use, because they can “begin at the beginning”. Advanced students should try to go back into their personal judo history and fill in the blanks. The instructions in the document tell you to:

Use the Waza section to indicate the specific technique within each Category. The date that you have accomplished a passable skill level will be indicated and initialed by your sensei. Notes are for your input. Rank indicates the rank promotion test you used this skill to accompish.
  • You do not need to have every skill you know dated and initialed. For advanced students, It is a good idea to start with the techniques you did for a specific promotion test. You know those skills were "passed". If you "sort of, kinda, maybe" know a skill, don’t put it down.
  • You do not need nor want to bring this with you to every class. There are, however, times at each of the various dojos, when the predetermined plan has been announced as dedicated to working on promotion skills or polishing existing techniques. This is the time to have this in hand.
  • Beginners would do well to either bring this form with them to every practice, or make sure to fill it in as soon as possible upon returning home.
  • This is your tool. Some will use it and profit from it, and others will not use it. It is a valuable communication system between you and your senseis.
  • This is also designed to be put into a binder, and if you do not have a Basics of Judo ring binder style booklet, this would be a good time to purchase on

Basics of Judo Flash Cards
The pages are aligned so that you can print on cardstock using your printer's duplex printing option (see your printer's documentation). You may also print on normal paper and glue them to cards.
Basics of Judo Flash Cards are a T. Crone/North Star Judo creation

Promotion Requirement Lists:

Gokyu (Yellow - All)
Yonkyu (Green - Senior/Orange - Junior)
Sankyu (Brown - Senior/Blue - Junior)
Nikyu (Brown - Senior/Purple - Junior)
Ikkyu (Brown - All)

Kata Score Sheets

Nage no Kata
Katame no Kata
Ju no Kata
Goshin Jitsu


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